Associate Professor (Cinvestav 3B) at Cinvestav Campus Tamaulipas

Resarch interests: multimedia signal processing for data-hiding applications and FPGA-based reconfigurable computing for DSP.

Teaching: Data Coding, Computer Architecture, and Reconfigurable Computing.

Curriculum Vitae

Postdoc (2008-2010), CS Department, INAOE

PhD Communications and Electronics (2005-2008), ESIME, IPN

MSc Microelectronics (2003-2004), ESIME, IPN

BSc Communications and Electronics (1997-2002), ESIME, IPN

Selected Publications

J. J. Garcia-Hernandez and W. Gomez-Flores. "Detection of AAC compression using MDCT based features and supervised learning." Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence 34, 451--468 (2022).

J. J. Garcia-Hernandez. "On a key-based secured audio data-hiding scheme robust to volumetric attack with entropy-based embedding." Entropy 21, 1--16 (2019).

A. Menendez-Ortiz, C. Feregrino-Uribe, and J. J. Garcia-Hernandez. "Framework for audio reversible watermarking robust against content replacement with signal restoration capabilities." Journal of The Franklin Institute 356, 6793--6816 (2019).

J. J. Garcia-Hernandez and J. J. Gomez-Ricardez. "Hardware Architecture for an Audio Fingerprinting System." Computers and Electrical Engineering 74, 210--220 (2019).

J. J. Garcia-Hernandez, R. Parra-Michel, C. Feregrino-Uribe, and R. Cumplido. "High payload data-hiding in audio signals based on a modified OFDM approach." Expert Systems with Applications 40, 3055--3064 (2013).