09/01/2020 This term I will be teaching Parallel Computing at Cinvestav Tamaulipas.

15/10/2019 Paper co-authored with colleagues at UoM and UCL has just been accepted and published (these guys are fast!) in Biomolecules!

06/09/2019 Once again, this year I'm teaching the first part of the Computational Mathematics course at Cinvestav Tamaulipas.

23/07/2019 I am one of the Publicity Chairs for GECCO 2020, which will be held in Cancún, México (July 2020). Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

15/07/2019 I am now a member of the Bioinformatics and Bioengineering Technical Committee (BBTC) of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.

28/06/2019 I taught a preparatory course on Algorithmic Strategies as part of the 2019 Admissions Process of our postgraduate program at Cinvestav-Tamaulipas. This course covered the following main topics: Greedy Algorithms, Backtracking, Branch and Bound, Divide and Conquer, and Dynamic Programming.

07/05/2019 Today was the first session of the 'Research Seminar 1' course at Cinvestav-Tamaulipas. I will be teaching this course from May to August 2019.

30/10/2018 Part I of the Computational Mathematics course has ended. Well done guys, and good luck with Part II of the course!

07/09/2018 Computational Mathematics course at Cinvestav-Tamaulipas has started, which I will be teaching in collaboration with Dr. Jezabel Guzmán Zavaleta.

03/09/2018 Officially started a new position as Researcher at Cinvestav-Tamaulipas!

22/08/2018 Paper co-authored with colleagues at The University of Manchester and University College London has been accepted for publication in Scientific Reports!